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3P Sampling Articles from the Newsletter

Regular Articles and Tips:

  1. How Would You Choose Extra Measure Trees in 3P Sampling?
  2. Changing the Area of a 3P Cruise After the Field Work
  3. Point-3P Sampling, Extending 3P Sampling To Large Areas
  4. Why Use The DBH in 3P Sampling?
  5. The (Un)Importance of "K" in 3P Sampling
  6. Do the Random Numbers for 3P Sampling Always Need to be Whole Numbers?
  7. How to Examine a 3P Cruise
  8. What Do You Do When the 3P "K+Z" Values Are Less Than Some of the Estimates?
  9. How do you handle cull trees in 3P sampling?

Contributed Articles:

  1. 3P Cruising In Region 5, USFS by David Johns
  2. 3P Cruising Large Areas, One Cruiser’s Experience by Wayne Beck

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