The Compassman,

The Nun,

and the

Steakhouse Statistician.


Chapter I: (121k) The Players Appear.  In which … the gentle reader is introduced to the main characters …  (posted 11/01/2009)
Chapter II: (145k)

A Sample Size is chosen. In which … The arbitrary nature of the process is examined, and a few myths are addressed. The Nun gets a hearing, and Dr Smiley sees an opening.

 (posted 11/29/2009)
Chapter III: (105k)

Absolutely Bonkers In which … The Nun discovers that randomness is not all it’s cracked up to be, and that the answer might actually matter – sometimes more than the statistics, but that both can be accommodated.

 (posted 01/10/2010)
Chapter IV: (111k)

The company swallows a competitor. In which … a combining of companies and inventory data calls for some quick adjustments …

 (posted 02/01/2010)
Chapter V: (129k) The Rookies meet the check cruiser.  In which … Issues of quality control, sampling, standards and training are discussed.  (posted 03/01/2010)
Chapter VI:(116k) The Nun goes cruising. ~ In which … The Nun gets an orientation to Variable Plot Sampling, and to distributing measurements throughout the stand.  (posted 04/02/2010)
Chapter VII:(116k) A quick visit to the equipment room. ~ In which … Lem visits the equipment room, becomes paranoid about accuracy, recognizes a pack-rat, and thinks about what tools measure.  (posted 05/02/2010)
Chapter VIII (170k)

The outside review. ~ In which … the biometrics group selects an “outside insider” ...

 (posted 05/31/2010)
Chapter IX (88k) OH floats an idea.  In which … Our Hero displays his new ideas to someone who usually knows better …  (posted 07/02/2010)


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