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Ken Brauner

Ken Brauner, one of my favorite artists, died a few years ago. His specialty was logging equipment and forestry topics. Several of his paintings are in the OSU Forestry School. You can get a copy of his book “Paintings from Timber Country” from Internet sources, and it is quite expensive (plus shipping in many cases).

One of my favorites was his painting “The Timber Cruiser”. I used the cards reproduced from it for many years, and a smart man would have bought several hundred at the time of Ken’s death. Not me. The cards are no longer readily available (a terrible shame) – but the book is … and it costs almost $200 from the one online source I found.

On the other hand, you can call his daughter-in-law and get the book for $15 plus shipping. The website is shutting down, but was  It has some examples of his work.

Her phone number in Oregon is 503-767-2444.

At that price, you might want to get several before they are gone.


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Originally Published June 2018