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1 How do I get an adequate sample of minor species when designing a cruise?
3 How to combine plots of different sizes in the same cruise
3 What do you do when the 3P "K+Z" values is less than some of the estimates?
7 What is the correct BAF to use on a prism cruise?
7 Can you sample just one tree per sample point?
9 Do the numbers in 3P sampling always need to be "whole numbers"?
11 I didn't get the "required sampling error" – now what?
13 How to averaging site index
13 Is there an error from "low average tree counts?"
13 Measuring "wildlife trees" in Prism Cruising
14 Can you switch BAFs inside a forest type?
17 How precisely should the BAF be recorded?
18 How do I handle high value species?
27 XBAR - a statistics program
29 How to measure bark thickness on standing tees
35 How Do I get "DBH to a Power" to Equal Tree Volume?
37 Do I have to sample all of a large stand?
39 If there were no trees on my measure plot, I could measure the next count plot instead?
40 Can’t I just choose where to put the plot? Really – my judgment is very good!
41 Are random numbers from a book better than what I would otherwise use?
41 How do you handle cull trees in 3P sampling?
46 I have traveled all this distance, shouldn’t I measure all the trees now that I am here?
47 How many random numbers do I need to pick a random tree on my plot?
48 Can't I adjust the sample size if I encounter practical problems? I don't know how long the field season will be next year!
49 How can I find the declination for my new location?
53 How should age be averaged?
54 Let's just check plots near the road.
55 Can’t I just pick ‘problem plots’ to check cruise?
60 What BAF Should I Use?
61 What is the BAF when prisms are combined?
63 How much do I change the BAF to change the average tree count by one?
64 How should you Cruise Clumps of Stems?
Online When is there “an Edge” Requiring a Correction?
Online How can I choose a 10% “package” of the land base to sample?
Online How Else Can I Choose VBAR Trees?
Online How do I make a stand table with the trees that “Big BAF” and other systems choose?
Online What exactly IS "bias" anyway?
Online Is there any advantage to using lines of plots (rather than a grid)?
Online The SE% is not small enough. Now What?
Online Isn’t the number of trees quite variable with VP sampling? 
Online Permanent Variable Plots
Online How do I choose the frequency of for sample trees with different strata or products?
Online Trees that change category in nested plots.
Online Couldn't You Just Move the Edge Outward? New!

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Last Updated 03/23/19