Readers' Favorite Articles

We received two responses to our request for your favorite Newsletter articles. The first came from Dennis Parent. He writes, “...the couple of articles on List Sampling — very understandable. I had a chance to use both of the above when I had to design a quick cruise to check volumes on 30,000 acres of land Inland Empire Paper Co. was appraising last fall. However, after browsing the index I forgot about one: A Complete List of BAF on the American Scale Relascope. That little piece of data has been a tremendous help to me on a couple of occasions when I was designing a big VBAR/little VBAR cruise on a small parcel.”

The second contribution came from an unidentified reader: “Using the Laser Range Finder to measure distance from trees.”

If you have a favorite article or two, don’t hesitate to send it in. You can either e-mail us at or fill out a form on our web site.

Originally published April 2000

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