Things you find in the woods …

 Jeff Penman, an Area Measurements Specialist with the USFS, regularly attends the OSU Short Course, and is a great help to us.  Last year he showed us something that was found by his grandfather, also a timber cruiser.  You find some of interesting things in the course of a day, but this inscribed rock was odder that usual.  The inscription reads: 

To Whoever Finds This –
The Bodies of C.L. Culbertson
And A.P. Barber, damn
’em, Slain by me, Lie
At the foot of the two
Dead Tamaracks.        Drake

 The date (not visible here) is 1910.  If only we could find the original spot, or perhaps find out more of the story.  If must have been an interesting one … and why all the effort to record it and leave it in the woods?  

Not the kind of thing office folks encounter during the day.  Of course, Culbertson and Barber might have been head office folks that deserved to lie under the foot of Tamarack tree.  We have them still – but those were simpler days. 

Originally published June 2019

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