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27 Is it true that: Variable plot sampling gives worse answers for small trees?
28 Is it true that: Maintaining a constant tree count in VP gives better answers?
29 Is it true that: Tilting the Suunto gives correct readings
30 Is it true that: Larger angle prisms "favor" large trees?
31 Is it true that: Line transects must be randomly oriented?
31 Is it true that: Lines of plots should be "across the slope?"
32 Is it true that : the closest tree is a "random tree?"
35 Is it true that: The first tree from north is a random tree?
38 Is it true that: The prism is just used to select trees to measure?
42 Is it true that: I have to measure trees that "shift into" a permanent sample plot?
46 Is it true that ... Taking strips does not require you to know the area of the stand?
46 Is it true that … Mixed stands need more measured plots?
49 Is it true that ... I can put plots in a stand until I run out of time, weather, patience…?
67 Is it true that ... There are too many Trees in the Border Half-plots?
Online How do I choose the frequency of for sample trees with different strata or products?New!

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Last Updated 09/07/15