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01/27/2016 Peter Gould A picture’s worth a 10002 points: Phodar as an alternative to LiDAR
  Jim Goudie TASS III and its Components.
  Doug Maguire Let's rumble! What Maguire really teaches in FOR 322 Forest Models (and YOU would teach WHAT?!!)
  David Diaz Landscape-scale modeling for the BLM across the western Oregon RMP area using Climate-FVS.   Bioclimate Envelope Report Climate-FVS Simulation Report.
  Kevin Ford Douglas-fir Phenology Modeling.
  Doug Larmour Spreadsheet to calculate SDI contribution by diameter class.
  Tod Haren Python Wrappers for FVS and other stuff. (4 files [1][2][3][4])
02/27/2015 Bryan Lu and Fred Martin Mathematical Theory of Partitioning Reineke’s Stand Density Index
  Martin Ritchie What is going on with the CONIFERS model.
  Nate Osbourne Using a medical CT scanner to estimate the density of wood cores.
  Temesgen Hailemariam and Jay Ver Hoef Spatial Linear Models: Better Lemon Squeezers for Predicting Potential Forest Productivity.
  David Marshall Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA): a seedling example
  Martin Ritchie Carbon Sequestration and Fire Risk in a East-Side Pine Forest
11/15/2013 Jim Flewelling Bark Thickness – Should you care?”
  Jacob Struck Properties of a kNN tree-list imputation strategy for prediction of diameter distributions from lidar.
  Nate Osborne Using ORGANON-N-R to simulate wood quality under a variety of silvicultural regimes.

Video: Using ORGANON in R

  Junhui Zhao Hemlock growth response to Swiss needle cast intensity and effects of individual-tree Swiss needle cast severity on Douglas-fir growth.
  Weikko Jaross Creating and Maintaining Multi-Strata Stands. Is FVS wrong?
  David Diaz A free web-based decision support tool for landowners in Oregon and Washington.

Videos in the presentation:
Applying Demo Veg Types.avi
Applying prescriptions.avi
Creating a demo veg type.avi

Drawing a demo stand.avi
Drawing Demo Property Boundary.avi
Visualizing Demo Scenario32s.avi
  Greg Johnson Validation of FVS and ORGANON using the SMC database.
10/19/2012 Nick Crookston An update on open-fvs with a demonstration of R-FVS. Rejected alternative: Render G&Y unto FVS and everything else unto R.
  Nicole Rogers Panther Creek mini-met station monitoring and/or LAI measurements.
  Peter Gould What can we learn from watching trees grow? (very large file > 100mb)
  Kevin Ceder Bucking routine in R.
  Brian Wing Using filtered airborne lidar data to improve prediction and identification of forest attributes.
  Jeff Hamann DFSIM on github.
  Erin Smith-Mateja FVS-ORGANON.
  Rich Howard Assisi's Stand Simulator using ORGANON thinning and fertilization options.
12/9/2011 Bryan Lu Using FVS to Estimate QMD of the N Largest Trees.
  Gareth Waugh TSUGA – Timber Supply Modeling User Group Anonymous.
  Jacob Strunk Two-stage Model-Assisted Biomass Estimation with LiDAR and Landsat.
  Peter Gould More Forestry Applications in R.
  Steve McConnell Comparing outputs of the Desired Future Conditions (DFC) Model to ORGANON and FVS.
  Nick Crookston Functional Requirements for a Shared Library Version of FVS, or Calling FVS from R!
  Doug Maguire USDA proposal on Regional Approaches for Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Variability and Change.
12/07/2010 Bianca Eskelson Modeling spatially dependent shrub cover data in riparian zones.
  Rich Howard Update on Assisi Inventory Management Software
  Dave Hibbs Introduction to the red alder plantation growth model -- RAP-ORGANON
  Erin Smith-Mateja A note on the FVS - ORGANON Project.
  Dave Walters Dave Walters: Decision support tools for CIPS.
06/03/2010 Sean Canavan  Results of a model comparison for a western OR property with short-term (5-15 year) re-measurement data.
  Zane Haxton A relative approach to stand table construction.
  Rich Howard Demonstration of the latest from Assisi.
  Peter Gould ORGANON in R
11/13/2009 Erin Smith-Mateja Climate-FVS
  Peter Gould Incorporating Genetics into Growth Models: Results from Block-Plot Trials of Douglas-Fir
  Martin Ritchie R Package for CONIFERS
  Jim Flewelling Forest Inventory, LiDAR, and Patents
01/28/2009 Bianca Eskelson Estimating cavity tree and snag abundance using negative binomial regression models and nearest neighbor imputation methods.
  Peter Gould Recent experience using PDAs as field data recorders.
  Andrew Hill Improving short-term prediction of Douglas-fir diameter growth in Eastern Washington by incorporating weather data.  [Handout]
  Tim Robards New climate sensitive growth models for the Sierra Nevada with incorporation into the Wessin variant of FVS.
02/11/2008 Kevin Ceder Imputing snag data to forest inventory for a landscape-level habitat analysis.
  Greg Latta, Temesgen Hailemariam and Tara Barrett Mapping and imputing potential productivity of Pacific Northwest Forests.
(possibly available later)
  Rich Howard The latest version of Assisi Inventory and demo of Assisi Manager.
  Jim Flewelling Statistical graphics for publication – easy ways to meet requirements for high resolution.
06/19/2007 Mark Hanus The new ORGANON and Windows Interface.
  Theresa Marquardt Evaluation of sampling alternatives to quantify selected stand structure attributes in riparian areas.
  Erin Smith-Mateja New carbon accounting reports in FVS.
  Wade Boyd Discussion: Methods for modeling log price trends. Are there new technologies for breaking historical price series into component series?
  Aaron Weiskittel Influence of site factors on plantation Douglas-fir self-thinning line.
01/11/2007 Aaron Weiskittel A hybrid modeling framework for intensively managed Douglas-fir in the Pacific Northwest.
  Fred Martin ECON Extension to FVS: What it Does and How it Works.
  Carol Apple and Melinda Moeur FVS Information Gaps Ongoing Work from Region 6.

Outline and Links.

  Peter Gould Estimation of Genetic Multipliers for Douglas-Fir Height- and Diameter-Growth Models.
  Steve McConnell The DFC Model: a Regulatory Tool Used in Riparian Forest Management in Washington
12/15/2005 Greg Johnson Growth Model Runoff II -- Results (corrected 9/17/2006)
  Dave Hamlin Comparing ORGANON & SPS: Using the Bakuzis Matrix
  Susan Hummel Estimating Variation in Landscape Analysis.
  Steve Fairweather and Ellen Voth The MB&G Silviculture Support System
  Euan Mason Comparisons of Approaches to Modelling Stand Structure and Dynamics in Planted Forests.

Modelling paradigms – Hybrid models to make mensurationists smile

08/10/2005 Scott Holmen Experiences developing forestry applications using a VisualCE, and NSBasic; and some of the quirks of using Bluetooth to talk to GPSs, PDAs and desktop computers.
  David Marshall Comparisons of DFSIM, ORGANON and FVS.
  Dave Walters Generic Approach to Model Validation
  Greg Johnson Growth Model Run-off II Planning;

Growth Model Run-off II Information.

11/15/2004 Martin Ritchie The New Conifers DLL
  Mark Hanus ORGANON Edition 7, The DLL
  Temesgen Haliemariam Effects of Different Levels of Canopy Tree Retention on Stocking and Yield of Understory Cohort in the Southern Interior of BC
02/25/2004 Glenn Howe Summary of the recent OSU Growth Model / Genetics workshop.
  Doug Maguire Summary of the OSU Intensive plantation management symposium. Click HERE for PDFs of talks covered at the symposium. 
09/11/2003 Steve Fairweather A simple simulation program to evaluate update strategies for stand-based forest inventories.
  Jeff Hamann Using Simultaneous Equations in Young Plantations: Was it worth it?
  Jeremy Fried and Glenn Christensen FIA BioSum analysis of fuel treatment feasibility and bioenergy potential in the highly out-of-whack forests of Oregon and northern California.
  George McFadden Consistency of normal yield table and density management diagram mortality functions in Douglas-fir.
01/28/2003 Doug Maguire Do stem form differences mask responses to silvicultural treatment?
  Tommy Gregg Assessing Uncertainty in FVS Projections Using a Bootstrap Resampling Method.
  Greg Latta Projecting FIA Data with FVS and ORGANON.
  David Marshall A Sneak Preview of ORGANON version 7.
08/29/2002 Dave Walters The design and analysis of a simulation study: A case study using the FPS clumpiness Index.
  Dave Walters, Jim Arney Exploring the Clumpiness Factor in FPS: A Dialog between Dave Walters and Jim Arney.
  Larry Wilson Data aggregation issues associated with projecting habitat changes using forest growth and yield models.
  Steve McConnell Evaluating approaches to "Ecosystem Management" using FVS.
01/22/2002 Greg Johnson Growth Model Run-Off
  Tara Barrett Comparing FVS diameter growth to increment core data.
  David Marshall Monitoring plots for growth model calibration, and assessment of treatment effects.


Bob Monserud Criteria for comparing the adaptability of forest growth models.


Mark Hanus In the shadows of the past: the growth of western hemlock under a non-random heterogeneous canopy of Douglas-fir.


Jeff Hamann Update on Common Growth Model Interface and OpenFVS Projects


Jeff Hamann Developing and using DLLs


Rich Howard DLLs and COM in forestry applications


Jeff Welty RAIS - riparian management simulator

Fall, 2000

Pete Bettinger CLAMS landscape modeling


John Trobaugh Early growth effects of herbaceous weed control and fertilizer


Martin Ritchie The Conifers young stand growth model


Greg Johnson Projecting early stand gains into the future


David Marshall

Maximum SDI in growth models


Greg Johnson

Maximum SDI for western hemlock